IA360° Listening Ear

On a call to a customer service contact centre the familiar announcement that ‘this call is being recorded for training and quality purposes’ is so commonplace that customers now expect and are reassured by it. It is easy for consumers to feel both protected and expectant of fair treatment by the presence of a neutral witness – a call recording – while simultaneously being an indispensable tool for banks to monitor quality, get insights on staff productivity and identify training needs.

IA360° is delighted to be leading the way in innovation with the launch of IA360° Listening Ear – allowing financial institutions to replicate what has become a very successful and insightful contact center technology for use in-branch and field sales monitoring.

IA360° Listening Ear is a fully scaled, automated voice recording solution that will allow you to draw insights from your most important customer-facing channel that has been until this moment a ‘blackbox’ area and allows you to monitor interactions between your bank employees and customers.

In a world dominated by the power of insight-driven business decisions, it is no longer acceptable to be exposed to potential risks and a lack of workable historical data resulting from an auditory blind spot. Financial institutions, like every other industry with a customer-facing presence, need to be able to:

  • Solve disputes over ‘what was said’ between staff and customers with a reliable, indisputable source of information such as a voice recording.
  • Produce legally acceptable evidence quickly and inexpensively in the case of a legal proceeding.
  • Identify potential sources of misinformation that could be legally compromising.
  • Protect staff against unfounded complaints and against allegations of mis-selling products empowering staff to sell with confidence.

Exposure to this legal risk is immediately resolved by a bank having audio archives of all the transactions and interactions between bank employees and customers. Since all the Listening Ear audio files are date, time and location stamped for easy retrieval and have employee ID records attached for easy recognition, the business process of determining what happened in an exchange between staff and customer is far more streamlined. All of course, while complying with PIPEDA regulations.

Staff are motivated to sell knowing they are safeguarded by Listening Ear, knowing they have evidence to prove they have offered customers products that the customer either requested or responded positively to. Listening Ear provides an excellent resource for talent development, for the training of new and existing employees. New employees can be trained in how to respond to real-life situations they may encounter by listening to the audio files. Existing staff can self-assess their individual recordings in training sessions to examine how they can improve upon the service they have offered and identify excellent performance

Listening Ear is easy to deploy in-branch or embedded in tablet technology for in-field and 3rd party sales. There need never be a customer-facing channel with an auditory blind spot again. Banks can leverage this technology to reduce their operational expenditure across reporting, training, legal fees, research and customer experience improvement programs and use it to increase profits by enabling improved selling, better care and increased customer loyalty. That’s why IA360°’s Listening Ear truly is not just a necessary, but a vital part of your customer service strategy.

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