Geoff Conant, Founder/Managing Partner Celebrates 3 Years at IA360°

Geoff Conant our Founder/Managing Partner is celebrating 3 years at IA360°. Geoff Conant has been here since day one and has seen the company continuously growing ever since. In honour of his 3-year anniversary, we have asked him to answer a questionnaire below as you can all understand his vision of the future for IA360°.

  • Fun facts about Geoff Conant
    • Favourite sport– Basketball (played volleyball throughout University)
    • Favourite food– Lasagna (but I’m told it should be salad)
    • Spirit animal– A mix of many! Any that are fiercely loyal, not afraid of their predators and find new ways to survive if their habitat is disrupted!
    • Favourite video game- I’m an old-school Super Mario guy
    • Favourite show– My kids would say Peppa Pig…but I’ll go with Billions
  • How long have you been at IA360°? What keeps you around?
    • As Founder, I’ve been around since day one! But it’s the everyday challenges and AMAZING team we have built that keeps me going every day! You truly are only as strong as your weakest link, and we are lucky to have the industry’s best that call IA360° their second home!
  • What advice would you give to someone aspiring to be in your position someday?
    • Keep dreaming, go above and beyond and no matter what the job is, give it your best every single day. Do the little things, be patient yet determined, put family first and always appreciate what you have!
  • What excites you the most about your future at IA360°?
    • We literally are disrupting the industry, putting out Global 1st solutions and paving the way for providers after us. There are no limits as to where IA360° can go if we all work together, respect each other, work hard and as a cohesive team! So, what excites me? The endless possibilities!
  • Describe IA360° in 3 words.
    • Innovative, passionate, result focused (I know I know… that’s 4!)